The Scorpion Tailed River Cruise was permanently shut down and farewell from the Scorpion Tail Boat on Ping River,leave it the legend of  the Scorpion  Tailed boat in the recent years.After this time we will  keep the Scorpion Tailed Boat 's history In the Museum of Scorpion Tailed Boat .
      Many of you will be disappointed by the farewell of the Scorpion Tailed Boat.
For reason we are get old . (Mr.Samak over 70 years old), it is worth to give himself time to rest.
Which we all sad very much alike. With the decision To bid farewell to the Scorpion Tailed Boat in this era.
The birth of this Scorpion Tailed Boat .It is well-known to both local and foreign tourists. It's not easy. From our creation of a Scorpion Tailed Boat. And from the spirit and spirit of our life. 
Adhering to our concept for keeping the story and local knowledge and Cultural along the Ping River,dissect many problems and obstacles. But full of fun challenges all along. Along with the tourists from around the world.
Everything in this world: happens to be set and gone.Happen, This is a nationality.
But this time away. Have not lost a valuable local storys. Of the Scorpion Tailed Boat And the local knowledge of the Ping River.
From now on, all storys will retain the valuable traits of the Scorpion Tailed Boat. In the Museum of Scorpion Tailed Boat .To the new generation learn at Wat Phra Mong Nong Phung Chiang Mai
Thank you all. Who are love to support both the whole mind to the heart.
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