Scorpion Tailed Boats in the 18th century

The origin of The Scorpion-Tailed Boat
      In the past,Scorpion-Tailed Boats were built approximately in the 18th centure,and were used to been a transportation for The King's Chiang Mai and after that served as cargo disappeared from the Ping river when the northern railway-route arrived at Chiang Mai.The was the end of Scorpion Tailed Boats at that time. 

   The first of Scorpion-Tailed Boat was builted by a local shipbuilder who get the idea from a boat-shaped coconut shell floating in the river with a scorpion on it.The scorpion's instinct makes that it holds up its barbed tail all the time.So the orginal one was built following the sight of what he saw.
When the Scorpion Tailed River Cruise begins

    In A.D.2000-2017 the legend of an uniquely northern-style(Scorpion Tailed River Cruise)has been revived by Ms.Songsri Wongwech,A tourism industry master graduate of Chiang Mai University,with support of Mr.Samak Laosaterawong.He re-built the small boat that for service to tourists cruise and explor the charm of Chiang Mai along the both sides of the Ping River.So Scorpion Tailed Boats were came back to the PING river again,For tourists can cruised along river.To shown more about history of The PING river and local wisdom of Chiang Mai people life with the old pictures of paces which located near the river bank by the describer from "Mr.TingTong" (CRAZY PROFESSOR) His nickname.UNTILL VERY WELL KNOW FROM BOTH TOURISTS THAI AND FOREIGN

 NOW! the end of service next time see us at museum of Scorpion Tailed Boat at Wat Phra Non Hnong Phung Temple,Chiang Mai

  In june A.D.2017 The Scorpion Tailed River Cruise was shuted down an farewell from The Ping river agian,leave it the legend of The Scorpion Tailed Boat in the recent year.
   Because of our reason for shuted down is Mr.Samak

The owner get old this year he is more 70 years old.It is worth to give himself time to rest.
  Which we all sad very much alike with the decision to bid farewell to The Scprpion Tailed Boat in this era because just we are who return the storys of this boat back to Chiang Mai in modern times and it's the end the time to lose of The Scorpion Tailed Boat along The Ping River Chiang Mai agian.
  Farewell to Scorpion Tailed Boat.In the world will be no more Scorpion Tailed Boat on the Ping river.So far,only a myth and deep memories.Leaving recent years.
Next we will keep on the valuable storts of this boat in The Scorpion Tailed Boat Museum in Wat Phra Non Hhong Phung,Amphune Saraphi,Chiang Mai Thailand Tel+66 85 037 1661 GPS:18.1742995,99.013227(We are making this project with this temple to build museum,It may be open as soon as for tourists and next generation)  ALL TOURISTS AND STUDENTS CAN VISIT SCORPION TAILED BOAT MUSEUM FOR FREE!

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On 26 November 2014 get award Tourist Boat Standard  from TAT(Thailand)





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